Noble Selection

Willy De Nolf presents you its brand   Noble Selection®Click here to discover the available plants in the Noble Selection brand. Noble Selection is a new brand in the plant sector. The brand brings together an exclusive selection of plants that must meet 3 criteria:

1) Remarkable Varieties - Better Than the Known Alternatives

Improved varieties that are better than others thanks to years of positive experiences and testing. For example: more compact, more flowers, more disease resistant, ...

2) Quality - Special Attention to Quality

Noble Selection® stands for quality. The plants originate from a company that matches up to the highest quality standards thanks to experience and know-how.

3) Environment - Special Attention to the Environment

Noble Selection® stands for plants with reliable origins, with respect for nature, flora and fauna. This can be concretely demonstrated with (for example) the “MPS A” and “MPS GAP” certification of the company (

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