Garden Centres

Willy De Nolf nursery offers a wide range of plants especially meant to be sold to customers in garden centers. We have everything in stock so we can quickly satisfy any request.

Photo label

Most of our plants come with an attractive photo label. We always label flowering plants, unique specimens and special species. We make a few exceptions, mainly for hedge plants (such as yew) and certain conifers in larger sizes.

All our shrubs and conifers in 3-liter and 3.6-liter containers have a photo that is welded to the pot so it cannot be removed. This way, the plants always have an elegant, uniform presentation. 

Label with your sale price (retail price)

We can provide all our plants with a tie-on tag or a sticker with a bar code, your retail price or other information. We offer the possibility of affixing tags onto the plants or we can deliver them separately. For more information, click here.

You can easily send us your retail prices via our online shop. You can also work with a set coefficient, which we will store directly in our system and which you can then adapt if you wish.

Noble Selection®

Willy De Nolf features its own brand Noble Selection®. Noble Selection is a new brand in an attractive packaging.  Click here to discover more.


We are always happy to give tours of our nursery. You can easily explore our entire company on one of our golf carts. You can then make your order during the tour, select plants, mark them with a tag, take them out for later delivery or take them immediately with you. Click  here to make an appointment.

Cash & Carry

It is easy to explore our nursery using one of our golf carts. We can even hitch a trailer to the cart. That way, you can go around the nursery and take your plants directly with you.

Pickup and delivery

You can usually come and pick up any plant on the same day as your order.

We collaborate with various transportation companies to ensure quick, efficient delivery.  

Willy De Nolf
Willy De Nolf